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We’re more than just your standard dry cleaner. We offer a full range of services from cleaning, repairs, ironing, and more!

Change Your View


A workstation crowded against a wall can sometimes feel less than inspiring – so why not direct your desk to the center of the room for maximum motivation? An adaptable, light-scale Coze desk paired with an intuitive Cliq chair and smart Fuse storage allows for efficient mobility and organization while allowing additional space for less congestion and more momentum.

Large and in Charge


Go big or go home – don’t settle for less when you’re tailoring a private office with solutions that fit how you get it all done.

Sit Tight Fit Right


Keeping productivity at its peak is a cinch when you’ve got solutions that support your shape and how you navigate your day. With a beautifully engineered Ignition chair, you’ll not only stay comfortable no matter what the task, you’ll also stay one step ahead with smart customized features that mobilize and motivate. Add a powerful height-adjustable Coordinate desk and you’ll make even the smallest corner of your house the streamlined and sturdy workstation of your dreams.

Cohesive By Design


Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t stay flexible and comfortable. A powerful height-adjustable Coordinate desk encourages movement and flexibility throughout the day, and paired with an adaptable, adjustable Solve chair, you’ll never have to sacrifice stellar support. Simply add personable and smart Fuse storage to your setup to stay organized and connected no matter what the day delivers.

Balance Is Beautiful


Yes, your living room really can double as a dynamic office – without sacrificing your lifestyle and personal aesthetics. A Coze desk is a simple, clean, and durable solution that’s designed to fit seamlessly with a variety of decors, and when paired with a contemporary, customizable Convergence chair, you’ll enjoy a workstation that performs overtime even though you punch out at 5.

Spread Your Wings in Style


Whether you’re closing the deal or interviewing the ideal candidate for the company, you need an all-encompassing private office suite that delivers the kind of performance any large private office wants and deserves.

Stay Beautiful on a Budget


Turns out you can have it all – a streamlined space that delivers exceptionally smart and stylish solutions that don’t cost a fortune.

The Gang's All Here


We all need a reliable, smart office sidekick – and now you can build a dream team in your private office with solutions that have your back no matter how your work week unfolds

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“I’m always impressed with the service from Clark & Sons dry cleaning. They are true professionals and consistently do a great job.”
Susan Connelly
“The only business I trust with my valuable clothing items. Whenever I need something done, I can rely on them for fast and quality service.”
Leona Hutton

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