Five considerations for custom furniture

Many people choose custom furniture when choosing furniture, we can choose our favorite style and design according to our preferences. So what points should we pay attention to when choosing custom furniture? Today, we will take a look at the five considerations of custom furniture with me, I hope it will help you.

  1. carefully check the appearance of custom furniture   Check the quality of the exterior of the decorated furniture and check the quality of the exterior of the package doors and windows have similar. Mainly to see whether the surface paint film is smooth, bright, there is no flow down, bubbles, wrinkles and other quality defects; but also to see whether the color difference of the decorative panels, whether the pattern is consistent, there is no corrosion points, dead knots, broken residue, etc.; a variety of man-made board parts sealing treatment is tight and straight, there is no degumming, the surface is smooth and flat, there is no bump.   2. Custom furniture workmanship is fine   The furniture workmanship is fine, you can observe from the combination of parts to see the reasonableness and solidity of the connection points between each component of the furniture. The overall structure of the furniture, each connection point, including the horizontal, vertical connection points between must be close, there can be no gaps, not loose. Drawers and cabinet doors should open and close flexibly and return to the correct position. Glass door perimeter should be polished and neat, open and close flexible, no broken ballast, scratches, symmetrical corners, buckle position is correct.   3. Custom furniture structure is solid
      Check whether the structure of the furniture is reasonable, the framework is correct, solid. Gently push the furniture with your hand, if there is a shaking or creaking sound, it means the structure is not solid. To check the verticality of the furniture, but also to check its warp.   4. Custom furniture size is reasonable
      Furniture should not only be beautiful, but more importantly, practical. Whether the size of the furniture is ergonomic, whether it meets the required size, determine the convenience of the furniture to use or not.   5. custom furniture accessories are complete
      The owner has to check whether the custom furniture accessories such as chair cushions, side panel anti-slip pads, hinge covers and other small accessories are complete. If it is not in should be raised in time.