Presenting love on social media, Is that a lack of security?

Nowadays, it is very common for couples (couples) to “sweet” online. Whenever we look at our social media accounts, we are immersed in the romantic gestures and tenderness that are created for those who love to be crazy. Some of us may be them. But scientists have found that many couples (couples) may hide the dark side of their perfect happiness, which is a problem we must consider. Presenting love on social media, Is that a lack of security?

Study about presenting love on social media

In a study called “Can you see that I am falling in love? Facebook’s intimacy and love relationship visibility,” a group of scientists hypothesized that those who try to make their love relationship more visible are difficult to get from their partners. Find a sense of security.

Mass experiment and research

This view was confirmed by an experimental study of 108 couples who are dating. For two consecutive weeks, subjects were asked to fill out a short online questionnaire each night.

They fill in their feelings and thoughts about their relationship and their activities on Facebook, including photos, comments, comments and status updates. The results show that they are more willing to post information about the other half during periods when participants are less secure.

Conclusion support by experts

The conclusion was also supported by the human relations expert Nikki Goldstein. In her view, those who sip “their relationships on the Internet often struggle with insecurity or have problems with each other.” For example, they will seek recognition from others for their relationship, and praise and comment may be an expression of recognition. When a person is really emotionally struggling,” that is where (social media) is their (shared feelings) starting point.”

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