Chinese “League of Legends Teams” New Jerseys Nike Made

We may see that new arrival Nike colorful “League of Legends Teams” New Jerseys hang up through the stainless steel hooks in the Nike stores in China. In February, Nike announced that it was working with the League of Legends Pro League to become an official clothing supplier to 16 clubs in the alliance.

League of Legends Teams” New Jerseys

Today, the company finally announced the look of these war-suits. Starting next year, each team will be equipped with almost identical uniforms, using a standardized uniform design, with only one button at the neck and a V-shaped badge at the chest. Unique aspects come from the form of color and detail.

For defending world champion Invictus Gaming, their white uniform has a V-shaped pattern, which looks like the wings of an angel, and above the badge there is a golden star, representing the world champion (IG angel wings is similar to the team’s in-game skin).

Meanwhile, Fun Plus Phoenix’s Jersey just won the LPL Summer Championship at the weekend. Its zigzag pattern is bright red feathers, while RNG’s is dominated by Golden Dragon scales.

League of Legends World Championships with new jerseys

The three teams (FPX, RNG and IG) will be presented in their new uniforms at the opening of the heroic League World Finals on October 2. The remaining LPL teams will wear their new uniforms in the 2020 season.

You can get a close look at the details of the uniform design from the following pictures. There are only three teams representing LPL in the World Championship and the rest of the team will have to wait until next year’s new season.

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